It appears that the sport is declining at first glance.

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    It appears that the sport is OSRS GP declining at first glance. It's hard to deny this. Runescape's activity has declined from its peak in December. Let's not forget about similar games such as World of Warcraft which have been experiencing a decrease in play. Despite this, there are still some positive indicators regarding the game.

    If you can ignore the large decline in activity, you will observe that activity has slowed to a tepid level towards the end of graph. In addition, activity hasn't decreased significantly over the past year and a quarter. This assumes that this includes actual players. The removal of bots has resulted in an increase in the perceived amount of activity, but the decline in regular player has been small.

    Does this mean Runescape isn't dead? Not necessarily. However, it's dying slower than many people believe. In the past year and a half or so, Runescape has lost 3 of Google Trend's activity points. In comparison, Runescape lost 43 Google Trend activity points from July 2009 to January 2011. It's also approximately a year and a half. Anyone planning to attend Runescape’s Funeral should not plan on taking off from work in the near future.

    I write an email to the sender, stating that Jagex found me out and that I will no longer utilize Jagex's services (and I really don't intend to), or email them. Soon after, I receive another email from Jagex. Jagex (which is what I believe to be the REAL Jagex) tells me the email came by a fake sender who used my Jagex address to conceal the origin of their email. They attempted to phish me, etc.

    Now I need to confirm Is OSRS gold for sale this a common occurrence? This is a fraud. Anyone else receive an email threatening Jagex with the possibility of a lawsuit? It was odd to me that they'd email me in this manner without telling me that my account appeal had been rejected. Jagex 2012 Would they be prepared to sue me just for giving my account up? Surely that would do them more harm than good.

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